Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Finding treasure

On Tuesday we went to Treasure Island mini golf. It was lots of fun. We went on a pirate ship and inside a cave. It was hard to hit the ball in the hole. We saw a shark in the water. We had a delicious lunch at Szimpla restaurant.

Mr Smooth

On Monday the boys had a shaving lesson. We had hot water and face cloth to put on our face. Then I put shaving foam on my face. I wet the razor and shaved my beard. I start by my ears and move to my chin. Then I do my neck. You have to go slow and be very careful not to cut yourself.

Shopping for hop card

We went to Pakuranga Plaza to buy a hop card. We got it  from the lotto shop. The hop card cost $10. We had to look for the toilets and find out how much keys cost. We found out that the plaza closed at 6.00pm.  We had morning tea at the food court.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Dancing shoes

Last week I went to a Hollywood disco. I danced with my friends. I had chips and drink, popcorn, lolly scramble. Chance was crowned for the king of the ball.