Tuesday, 30 June 2015

What a gun day.

Today I went to Ten Pin Bowling at Panmure. First I had to pick my shoes. They were red and black. I had to chose a ball and it had the number 11 on it. It was quite heavy. The sides were up so I found it easy to hit the skittles. I had two chances to hit all the skittles down. I was trying my hardest to bowl fast. After bowling I played on the arcade games. I played table hockey and I rode on the motorbike. It was so much fun and I won 11 tickets. We swapped the tickets for a prize. We got a toy dice with all of our tickets. We then played laser tag. We put a vest on. I was in the red team. I had to shoot the blue team. I chased Nathan and Chance. I shot them with my laser. It was a fabulous day!

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Albany Westfield Trip

We went to Albany Westfield on Tuesday the 9th of June. We went in the van and drove over the Harbour bridge. I tried on clothes and shoes. I went with my whole class. I had a great time.

Working my fingers to the bone

Last Friday, the 12 th of June, we went gardening at Lionel's friends house. I picked up the weeds and put them in the wheel barrow. I used a rake to collect the grass. It was hard work so we had fish and chip as a treat.